With Passion

Managed to get a new comic up on stimulusresponse today, called “Passion Outside“. It’s the latest in a growing line-up of comics that are based on poetry. I’ve done a few now, some using poems written quite a long time ago, and some using poems written since I’ve gotten back to writing them just lately.

I like the challenge of using poems as the texts from comics, because they’re often outside what I might otherwise think of, and I think that the stranger style of writing can make the images more interesting. Additionally, I get a bit of a two-for-one special when I sit down to do some writing, since I might get a comic out of it if I’m lucky – it’s usually pretty slim pickings, though.

“Passion Outside” was interesting to do because it’s a poem of two moods, the first about the exciting potential of “going out” and doing things out of the ordinary, and the other about the pleasant comforts of staying inside with the heater on. I drew it as a single scene split in two to try and get at the idea of someone’s eye passing briefly over the door out into the exciting night, and then drifting on to look at the radiator, providing warmth. I think that it works, maybe.

At any rate, this is the first time in a while I’ve tried to explain myself to myself, so I don’t really know. To a large extent the images just are what they are, the product of a quarter hour or so of musing while lying on the couch. The other aspect is just that this is another of the comics that are just drawn, rather than based on collage. I’m still very limited in what I feel I can portray, but I like the idea that the poems, at least, should be drawn just by me, like they were written.

11 April 2010
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