Let there be light!

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Lightformer was written in Processing and uses the webcam.

When the game starts you have 20 seconds to shine light into the webcam on your computer such that you create a terrain for your avatar to move around on. Then you try to reach the sparkling square that represents “victory” in the game. And that’s it. Controls are arrow keys + R to restart a level + click to skip the countdown when using the camera.

Download Lightformer for Mac
Download Lightformer for Windows

3 thoughts on “Lightformer

  1. Honestly, if not for the guilt trip there at the end I would have passed on my merry way.

    It’s a great concept! It took me a few tries to create a level that was playable, but once I got the hang of where the light was coming into the room I managed a proto-platformer using the vertical blinds.

  2. Well – glad I slathered on the guilt, then, an underused Indie game selling strategy, perhaps! Using the blinds is quite great – I’ve mostly been using a torch to shine either around the camera, or at myself – making a terrain out of your own face is a trip.

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