Zeitgeist: Moving Nowhere Fast

Somehow we found ourselves watching a movie called Zeitgeist: Moving Forward¬†this evening. Somehow we watched over an hour of it. This paragraph-long blog post is just here as a marker to say that it was really terrible. It was that kind of typical, embarrassing rhetorical crap that always seems more damaging to otherwise important issues that if the producers had just said nothing. Academics riff off on long, unsupported arguments full of self-evidence and assertion. Insanely tacky 3D clipart images of firing guns or a “world in chains” seek to ram home points poorly made. It’s lefty propaganda every bit as depressingly over the top as any right wing thing you might come across, insane evangelicals included. What’s wrong with admitting issues are complex, I wonder?

2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist: Moving Nowhere Fast

  1. I watched that one. It truly is an insane amount of crap. When a friend or acquaintance says (non-ironically) something like “hey, you should watch this”, he/she automatically gets some minus points in my book. In a way, it feels so overly conspiratorial that it sounds not only like evangelical deliria, but like a wish to mystify/personalize the world: if something is complex, it must be somebody’s fault or intent, some sort of obfuscation.

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