Battlestar Abbey

Briefly put, Rilla and I have been watching the first season of Downton Abbey and the nearest thing I can think of to the experience of rage at ridiculous characters and plotting and use of emotional-instruction music is Battlestar Galactica. And so I find myself well out of touch with popular sentiment about a big show, and genuinely mystified about the exact location of the appeal (beyond the costume and locations and so on, which are pretty impressive). Nothing interesting happens that I can detect, everything lurches on with classic soapy precision (literally, in the case of a particular bar of soap), everyone stays true to their absurdly simple character (He Has A Stiff Upper Lip, He Is An Evil Gay Guy, She Is A Bitchy Sister In Her Older Sister’s Shadow, etc.). What the?!

I’ll only consider it redeemed if somehow all of them or most of them die in World War I for some reason. That would be a nice gesture.

8 thoughts on “Battlestar Abbey

    1. Haha, yeah that’s interesting. Almost like watching Downton Abbey would be a form of roleplay… I actually kind of feel that, in retrospect!

  1. I know what you mean about the characters. I think one of the attracting points for me is that I find following the plot more amusing than learning about real history.

  2. Hah, for some reason I thought you meants BSG! Battlestar Abbey board game! Holy crap. I bet there’s some shitty Downton Abbey board game out there… or in the process. In which case you could totally make a mash-up… whoa…

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