Game Studies

“Step into my magic circle!” Said the designer to the player! “There will be flow states! And narrative! And no ludology! Or no narrative and a lot of ludology! Whatever you prefer! It will be ergodic if not erotic! And it will be so immersive you just might drown in it!”

Play Game Studies in your browser (HTML5/WebGL)

Game Studies

Game Studies was created in Unity with Jonathan Lessard. Sounds are all CC0 from except for “Firework – take off – small pop” by QuistardGame Studies stars sprites of Brendon Massey in his role as John Carey in Police Quest: Open Season.

You can read my writing about Game Studies (along with anything else I’ve ever tagged “game studies”) or check out its press kit in English (by me) or in French (by Jonathan). If you want to, you can play the identical build of the game over on Jonathan’s website as well.

Game Studies has featured on/thought about by OujivipoKill Screen, piqd (in German), Robert What, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.