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Your Toothbrush is Not Your Special Friend.
Thursday, 11 February

Another quick draw from the ol’ notebook. This one has the ring of truth to me, frankly. I think I nailed this one.

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Fallout 3 Dad
Wednesday, 10 February

Been playing a lot of Fallout 3 lately and have also been feeling like I should make some comics about video games, and so here is that perfect union in action. Hand drawn and then shabbily ‘inked’ in Photoshop.

Picture 2
Spoon. Matches.
Tuesday, 9 February

Just one of those things. I always imagine that if inanimate objects could talk they’d want to say their name all the time.

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Mortar & Pestle #1 – Crush and Grind
Sunday, 7 February

Came up with this brilliant idea for a cartoon duo while… looking at the mortar and pestle on our kitchen counter. And now I am unleashing them onto the world. Expect more.

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Suspicious Salt and Pepper
Thursday, 4 February

Random cartoons for 18 November 2009, drawn while I watched a Cowboys game. Part of my continuing love for inanimate food and drink-related objects with faces and, when possible, beards.

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We Are Your Lice
Monday, 1 February

Who knows why these things happen, but I decided to draw a very brief musical about happy, friendly head-lice in my notebook, and so it found its way to here. And here it is.