Saturday, 2 October

Lightformer for Mac (.zip)
Lightformer for Windows (.zip)

Okay, bear with me a little while I explain. So, the last couple of days I’ve been working on a prototype platformer game in a language called “Processing”, mostly because I’m teaching about prototyping next week and felt the need to belie the “those who can’t do, teach” refrain. The outcome of this process is an early prototype called “Lightformer” – it’s a platformer you play by making the world of the game out of light. Real light.

So, the game starts and gives you 20 seconds to shine light into the webcam on your computer such that you create a terrain for your little guy to move around on. The game looks for “bright” light and uses that to paint the world. You’ll see. Then you try to reach the sparkling square that represents “victory” in the game. And that’s the whole thing. Some controls:

  • “Left arrow” and “Right arrow” – horizontal movement.
  • “Up arrow” – jump.
  • “R” – resets the level if you get stuck or whathaveyou.
  • “Mouse click” – during the  20 second countdown skips ahead to actually playing the level, if you get bored of waiting.

Complex, I know.

Anyway, I tried and tried to embed the game in the page here, but it was no dice, so I’m providing the downloads above instead. I’m aware that thanks to that stupid hurdle, many people won’t bother, but if you do – thanks and let me know what you reckon.

( An experimental platformer game in which you make the world yourself through (bright) light patterns in your webcam. Mostly an experiment in letting the player do the experimenting. )

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3 Responses to “Lightformer”

  1. Pippin Says:

    (Voice from the crowd): “I love it!”

  2. Fraser Allison Says:

    Honestly, if not for the guilt trip there at the end I would have passed on my merry way.

    It’s a great concept! It took me a few tries to create a level that was playable, but once I got the hang of where the light was coming into the room I managed a proto-platformer using the vertical blinds.

  3. Pippin Says:

    Well – glad I slathered on the guilt, then, an underused Indie game selling strategy, perhaps! Using the blinds is quite great – I’ve mostly been using a torch to shine either around the camera, or at myself – making a terrain out of your own face is a trip.

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