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Picture 2
Olive evilO
Monday, 29 October

Based on a local cafĂ© in Wellington called ‘Olive’ and the eerie and possibly supernatural fact that its name in reverse is ‘evilO’. Something to be aware of.

Picture 15
You Got Old
Thursday, 26 July

An old woman at the Rita Angus retirement village. Kind of a stealth photograph, to be honest. It actually has audio, too, but it’s a little on the quiet side.

Picture 3
Worst Case Scenario: Bird Flu
Tuesday, 10 April

The threat of bird flu has been very exciting and present in daily life lately. Here is a hypothetical worst-case scenario for how to get bird flu.

Picture 14
Six Feet at a Wedding
Monday, 5 February

I photographed the shoes that each of the six people I was talking to at a wedding were wearing. Then I made this flash animation out of it.

Picture 15
It’s Always Okay to Play Videogames
Tuesday, 30 January

Sometimes I spiral off into extreme stress about the fact I spend a lot of time playing video games. I created this soothing flash animation to turn to in times of need. (Includes audio.)