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Picture 1
I Stick My Hands into Your Guts
Friday, 27 April

The imagery is from the packaging for a laser pointer, and the text is just from a notebook scribbling. They combine to form something I’m not that happy with.

Picture 2
Untitled Comic
Tuesday, 17 April

Paddy O’Rourke “6-Week Studio”, rm103, Auckland, closed 14 April 2007.

Picture 8
Me and Her and Her and Me
Monday, 12 March

I saw this pigeon sitting alone on a nice building fa├žade in Cuba Mall in Wellington. So I gave him a nice love story.

Picture 10
Three Portraits of Maitreya
Monday, 5 March

These are texts based on works in Gordon Crook’s “Inhabiting the Circle”, Mary Newton Gallery, Wellington, 28 February – 24 March 2007.

Picture 19
The exact locations I licked the walls at the exhibition Wolfgang Tillmans on 5 January 2007 at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, CA.
Friday, 12 January

I licked every wall in an exhibition. The exhibition was: Wolfgang Tillmans, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, 17 September 2006 – 7 January 2007. Here are the locations of the licks.

Picture 25
Machiner 1:1
Tuesday, 19 December

I wrote a text to go along with the images of machines in “Machinery Seller: Ex Demo, Used Machinery and Equpiment. December 2006, volume 4, number: 11″ and then made that a comic.