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Meaningful Sax
Wednesday, 28 March, 2012

Epic Sax Game has been out for a bit over a day and, wonderfully enough, has found a pretty receptive audience! I thought I should put down some words about what I see the game as being “about” before I forget all about it all and move on to the next project, called (for now) PONGS.

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The Epic Work Game
Tuesday, 27 March, 2012

So, I released Epic Sax Game into the wild today. Although it seems to me that I’ve been working on it forever, I can see by looking at my “records” that in fact it took about two weeks of insane work to get the majority of the game done, one week of illness and a minor nervous breakdown, and one week of polish. So, say three weeks of pretty solid work to put it together.

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Putting on a Show
Tuesday, 6 March, 2012

One of the weirder aspects of making Epic Sax Game so far (and there have been many) has been putting together the Eurovision level of the game. As soon as the game expanded beyond the simple idea of playing the basic loop, it became clear that the player should be able to take part in the Eurovision performance of the full song. But doing so would mean actually staging the Eurovision performance all by myself. With pixels.

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The Pursuit of Excellencish
Wednesday, 29 February, 2012

Making surprisingly good headway into the new game. As ever, I’ve found myself reluctant to say what it is, which is some kind of totally absurd secrecy behaviour I barely understand. So, anyway, it’s a game interpretation of Epic Sax Guy, called Epic Sax Game. It started off as a super simple version, but I’ve ended up adding a bunch of different “levels” and I feel kind of excited about it just at the moment (pending the despair I will necessarily feel in a week’s time or whatever). One thing that’s happened, though, and happens with some frequency in my game making, is getting massively sidetracked by technology-related stuff that is ultimately a bit irrelevant to the game itself.

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