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19 May 2016

Browser (HTML5/WebGL)
Mac OS X


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A room. A trunk. A tube. A bed. A radiator. A light. A landscape. A darkness. A separation. A floating in air. A doubling. An intersection. And more. And more.


v r 1 is a project based on the artist Gregor Schneider's iconic work "Totes Haus u r", and specifically the room inside it known as "u r 1". Schneider's art has involved the almost endless renovation, re-renovation and re-invention of the interior of a house in Mönchengladbach-Rheydt in Germany. The house contains rooms that rotates, rooms that are completely insulated, walls behind walls, and much more. Schneider has also recreated/doubled the entire house for the Venice Biennale, and has created doubles of various rooms/houses at other times. v r 1 is an exploration of related ideas in virtual space with virtual architecture. In particular, I was most interested in seeing how creating doubled spaces differs in a virtual setting – notably the idea that doubling is trivial in this context, amounting to nothing more complex or laborious than "cut and paste". With that in mind I wanted to experiment in different ways with the configuration and setting of the room that would acknowledge and work with its virtual nature, trying to evoke a related uncanny and creepy effect in the very different medium. A success? Who knows.


  • A room of one's own!
  • A room of one's own upside down!
  • A room of one's own in pieces!
  • A room of one's own in darkness!
  • A room of one's own in the air!


v r 1 Trailer YouTube


In pieces.png
Door in ground.png
Window view.png
Floating objects.png
External view.png

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