Bye Bye Drive

Today I had the delicious experience of my laptop’s harddrive failing. Thus, I got to see my favourite icon, the flashing folder with a question mark on it. This all sucked a little harder because this is the second time I’ve had a drive die in that computer in less than a year. Not okay. Although one thing that was okay is that it was inside my AppleCare coverage. By two days. Lucky.

Anyway, I spent ages today trying to get up and running with a backup laptop. Most of that meant fighting with our household NAS, which hosts our Time Machine backups to let me mount the image of my most recent backup (from 10:00pm last night, thank you very much). (Yes, I do feel like I’m doing product placement at this point.)

What struck me most during all of this process was just how flimsy and delicate hardware has been seeming to me since the most recent crash. How mechanical. How very conceivable it might fail. The harddrives all around me now seem paper thin and brittle, as if they were made of papyrus or delicious crunchy wafer biscuits. I am now even thinking about making fully redundant backups.

When I finally got the backup image mounted, feeling these fears of harddrive flimsiness, I had to pick the first directory of stuff to rescue from the NAS. My cursor literally lingered for a while over my “Research” directory, and then I calmly selected my “Make” directory (with all my comics etc.) and copied that across first. It was kind of a great moment of honesty for me.

21 May 2010
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