That’s Better

The newest comic I’ll be posting on stimulusresponse a minute or two after posting this post was one of the very few things I lost in my latest harddrive failure a couple of weeks ago (The Future of Food). I’d drawn up the entire thing in the morning, meaning it hadn’t been saved in the nightly backups. (Since then I’ve taken some good advice and work on my “current projects” inside a DropBox folder. Easy.)

Anyway, having lost it, I was reluctant to do it all over again for a while, but today I plowed through the process and got it together. And it was kind of interesting to do that, because it was a bit “meta” in the sense of observing how I was going about things. In particular, although I kept the panel layouts, a couple of minor bits and pieces got changed for the better (I think) compared to the lost version.

Those bits and pieces relate to communicating what’s going on in the comic, because in demoing it to a couple of people I got divergent opinions on what the final panel (a plate of peas spelling out “fuck you”) meant. I noticed that when I did the comic this time, I added in a kind of cue to make it clear that it was the food machine insulting the user, rather than the other way around – by adding in a little speech thing to kind of create a sense of timing. I also made the vegetarian’s voice more irritating, so it seemed more “fair” that the machine would react badly. Ah, these little manipulations.

Anyway, that all seemed interesting to me because in recreating something I’d already made I was more alert to some of the subtler issues of making comics that I ordinarily totally ignore in favour of whatever I can be bothered with at the time of creation. Not that this means I’m likely to “think harder” with future comics, but it was fun seeing it does make a difference.

5 June 2010
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