Chit Chat

I continue to think about Chat Roulette and wanted to pitch a couple of uses of it that seem like they might be good. Or bad, potentially.

The first one would be to invite Chat Roulette for dinner. You could set up your laptop at one of the settings of your dining table, maybe fish-eye the lens so that it can see the people to either side and also its own plate. And then kind of just have it there at the dinner party. Of course, that would probably entail a bunch of dudes jerking off at your dinner party, but maybe it would somehow be great apart from that.

The other one is to use it as a kind of video conferencing tool – to say to a friend you want to talk to: “See you on Chat Roulette!” And then you both fire it up and quietly next people until you get connected with each other. Hopefully you don’t instinctively next your friend as you get into the rhythm of it, they might be swept away into the internet until they come around again.

There. There’s two ideas for you. Chew on that.

11 June 2010
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