Bouncy Mosque

There’s a small possibility that I’m wrong, but this photograph (taken by my dad) seems to be of a Bouncy Mosque. That is, a mosqueified version of that stalwart of children’s playthings, the bouncy castle. There are certain not-so-subtle clues that lead us to this conclusion. It has minarets, for one thing, and, if my eyes do not deceive me, it has images of a man and a woman praying on it. Kind of amazing.

Now, I was all prepared to be mildly offended by this, or at least troubled, wondering if it’s a bit of a no-no to turn a mosque (or other religious edifice) into a bouncy castle. But I was also titillated – how could I avoid it? Anyway, I fired it off to my two coolest Muslim friends to see what they thought.

They thought – and I quote – “That is awesome!” and “Love it!”, respectively. So perhaps my initial vague caution was “political correctness gone wild”. I think that it’s possible that the BoingBoing piece I read earlier this morning on hidden prejudice (“What I got wrong about women in science“) had some influence there.

So now, free of unease, I say to you: isn’t it hilariously fitting how the kids have to take their shoes off to play in the bouncy mosque?!

14 June 2010
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