Peak Hour Traffic

I recently got a chance to see “the internet at work” when I posted a link to my “skeptical fridge” comic on the xkcd forums. I posted it there because I’d found it funny that there had been an xkcd comic similarly critical of something JFK once said. Didn’t really think much about what would or wouldn’t happen – then the internet stepped in.

The above image if of the traffic to stimulusresponse over the past week. I am unashamed to say that it normally has very low traffic. Guess which day I posted the link to the JFK comic? Amazing. It amazes me, I think, because it’s _just a link in _one post in one forum topic in one forum for one webcomic. In my mind, such a thing would have to be incredible obscure, a small corner of the internet. To register as a stat in the above graph a person has to wend their way through all those little unlikely steps and then they have to bother to click on the link at all. The sheer volume of people that the numbers above suggest is amazing, because I think we can all rest assured that most people who saw it didn’t click on the link, most people who read the thread probably didn’t pay attention to my post, most people who read the comic don’t read the forums, and most people don’t read the comic.

Anyway, it was fun to experience such an impressive and short-lived surge of popularity, even if 90% of the people only looked at the JFK comic and departed. Reminds me of the Obama-Sonic-Flowers bag going viral-ish a while back.

Ah, the internet.

17 June 2010
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