The Consistency of Scroggin

Sometimes I think about stimulusresponse and how it’d be neat to have a wide readership of my comics and other things. When I think about that, and about online comics artists I admire like Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Penny Arcade, John Martz, or Hark! A Vagrant (to name only a very few), I see rather bluntly that I’m missing something they all have: consistency.

These people have spent a lot of time honing and generally being awesome at drawing and layouts and all of that kind of stuff. They know how to make their comics look very professional and, frankly, rad. But also consistent. In the important sense that you know what you’re getting when you go to their sites – they have a style or “voice” that allows their readers to be their readers rather than, say, confused.

This is something I’m kind of lacking – I feel driven to draw comics and other things that are different every time, and I think that could limit my ability to draw people in. I ask myself if I’d continuously read someone else’s web presence if they constantly changed the kind of thing they were doing with it. I guess I’m not sure.

I am pretty sure, though, that I can’t help doing things the way I do them. I don’t think I could handle developing a particular style and sticking to it – most likely because I’m very skeptical about my actual drawing/stylistic abilities. In the end I feel a bit like a rodeo clown of comics, constantly moving and dancing and dressed in ridiculous clothes in order to distract, rather than get the real work done.

That maybe sounds a bit maudlin, but I’m the happy kind of clown.

19 June 2010
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