var myGame:Game = new AwesomeGame();

So this weekend I’ve been trying to learn about a couple of libraries for making Flash games, called flixel and FlashPunk. Why? Because I want to make a little Flash game.

Yeah… but why? I’m not really sure. Partly because I research games, and it seems like making one is something I ought to do. But then I’m not actually very interested in designing games or gameplay. I think I’m more more interested in making some interactive “things” and games (and their programming libraries) are a good way in.

One thing I like about both flixel and FlashPunk is that they’re based on pixel-based graphics (e.g. PNGs) rather than the more standard vector graphics of Flash proper. For whatever reason, I feel like that offers more freedom. And, if we’re being honest, I feel like it offers me the chance to do my “usual” kinds of drawings (as in comics etc.) and just plonking them into a game.

Basically, I feel like I want to play around with graphics that move and, in particular, can be moved by the reader. If I have a particular inspiration, it would be that fantastic little “three act” game in which you can position and reposition little characters to create different visual narratives (which I still can’t find the link for, if anyone else knows it). (EDIT: I finally found that game. It’s made by Daniel Benmergui and is called Storyteller.)

This post has been incredibly flailing. But at least, as of posting, New Zealand is leading Italy 1-0 in their World Cup match. Awesome.

20 June 2010
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