In The Studio

A recent occurrence in life here is the first usage of The Studio. We have a room downstairs which serves as a guest bedroom for visitors (it even has an en suite!), but the rest of the time we have had it earmarked for a kind of studio setup. The theory being that we walk down to The Studio (you get in through an external door), get all creative up on our own asses, and then go back upstairs, sated and created.

Of course, the studio didn’t get used for the first many months we were here, but just this last weekend we actually headed down there and used it. I mostly ended up doing battle with Flex and Flash libraries, which didn’t feel very creative, but it was interesting to be down there and it at least showed it was possible to do work in that space.

The whole thing of having a studio space is kind of odd, really. I find there’s a tension between the potentially worrying statement along the lines of “I am an artist” or “I am a creative person” or whatever (I shy away from those kinds of things), and the excellent “ass on chair” philosophy of getting stuff done – there’s a very special chair for your ass in the studio, and it’s removed from a good number of the usual distractions.

Doing the whole studio thing here reminds me of my first (and only other) studio space, which was an impressively tiny, dark (and perhaps dank, though I can’t recall for sure) basement room in a storage area. In that case the theory was way better than the practice. At the time I was experimenting with some kind of “artistic identity”, so it was amazing to have that kind of legitimising force. I remember thinking of how (New Zealand artist) Campbell Patterson did all kinds of cool video work in tiny, imperfect spaces, and willing myself to be like him. In reality, though, it wasn’t all that pleasant to spend time there, and I didn’t really do anything all that interesting beyond fiddling with some short stories.

The new studio is bright and very civilised, though, so maybe I’ll be a real proper artist from now on.

21 June 2010
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