Standing At The Feet Of Giants

Sometimes I think about how I don’t really pay a terrific amount of attention to what has been said about the things I write about, nor to the art that relates to the things I draw and so on. It occasionally strikes me, then, that I may be quietly repeating things that other people have already said and done. Or, worse, producing incredibly facile versions of essays far better written or comic ideas far better produced.

Of course, that leads into a potentially vicious circle. The more I fear that out there – especially on the internet – are effectively the Platonic ideals of the things I’m doing, the less I want to look out there. Thus, my knowledge of things like comics history (and, frankly, comics present), or video game or tv criticism is quite impressively shabby. A shabbiness that protects my often fragile ability to write or produce anything at all.

On the other hand, another option is to throw myself into the “scenes” that exist around the stuff that I’m interested in. That would be another option, and it sounds kind of morally better in a way. But it also sounds like a lot of hard work. And my brain, meanwhile, whispers to me that in not engaging much with other related work, I am protecting the purity of my own thinking.

That whisper, I’m afraid, sounds like the last recourse of a lazy, lazy man – but I like what I’m hearing.

7 July 2010
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