Out with the new; in with the old.

As I’ve been complaining of late, my creative mojo has been running rather thin, forcing me to try and trick myself into getting things done more than I usually have to. At the heart of it is the problem of drawing decent lines, particularly those for making up figures.

Today, after struggling away with a couple of projects and drawing line after crappy line, I decided to return to some elements from the past in order to be able to make something. This meant using source photos, a kind of sketchy anti-line in which everything becomes ‘shading’, and posing myself for particular figure needs.

This was all in aid of making a comic about a suicide (and I’m also no stranger to killing myself off in comics either). Using source images for a van freed me from the nightmare of drawing cars (something I recently read Austin Kleon comment on, too, to my satisfaction). The drawing was then made up of little diagonal shading strokes to avoid having to draw a convincing line (something I did in the comic “Kim” a long while ago and never again, despite liking it that time). And then finally, I photographed myself (with PhotoBooth) to get the image of the (almost) dead guy with a hose in his mouth by rolling up a supermarket flier and using that. Classy.

Returning to those three tricks of the past was a relief and very specifically solved some of the problems I’ve been having lately with lines. I don’t really view it as a long term solution (I’m determined to get the line-drawing mojo back), but it was nice to make something, and nice to use a different approach to the norm.

The comic will be up on stimulusresponse shortly, called Man In A Van.

10 July 2010
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