A Day of Code in the Sun

I spent a fair bit of today finally living up to my repeated promises to myself to make something interactive for stimulusresponse. After various fiddlings with Flashpunk and then Flixel, I was ultimately rescued by the book “Foundation Game Design with Flash”. It’s a pretty straightforward book written with the idea that you make your games/things from the ground up, rather than within an established framework, and that suits me better.

So the plan is (without announcing it so loud I’m then expected to carry through) to go through each chapter and make a thing based on the interactivity the chapter introduces. Today that means a movable avatar and scrolling backgrounds, with background parallax effects (that probably don’t quite work right). In some sense, I’m reskinning the book’s examples with my own art and fiddling with the code here and there to make it be more like I like it. Hence: What Are We Doing With My Life?

The main thing I was interested in for this particular thing I made, was taking my usually very static comics/drawings, which are decidedly mine and which a reader just readers and moves on from – uh, taking that and moving toward an idea of a more joint process. Thus, I’ve put some speech balloons around which you might or might not want to position the avatar as saying, and I’ve put terrain in that you might or might not want to move the avatar on. In that sense it’s a bit like a comic you can put together yourself, but also like a little, only flimsily physical world to wander around in.

There should be more of these, Will willing, and it’ll be fun, I think, to reinterpret the various game conventions (collision detection, firing projectiles, particle effects) in my own way. I’ll try to be guided mostly by the idea of a more collaborative approach to what I normally do. A kind of “if you want” offer to the reader/player.

I’m currently undecided on whether this whole thing sounds a bit pretentious, it’s not really meant to be at all. I’ll work on my words.

18 July 2010
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