This is Me on Interactive

So lately I’m working on making some little interactive things as a new kind of angle on making stuff for stimulus response. I had a pretty great experience with it last time, when I made “What Are We Doing With My Life?” but this evening it’s been a little bit shaky, yielding something I’m calling “The Way We Were“.

It’s one of those projects where I eventually say “fuck it, I’ll just put it up and stop thinking about it.” While, at the same time, I quietly berate myself for screwing up an idea that was originally pretty appealing. The general concept was to model a kind of classic platformer, but with the path the player takes already mapped out and unchangeable. Deep! (But, really, just based on one of the tutorials in this book I’m working through.)

Anyway, the idea is good enough, but for some reason the Flash drawing environment was out to get me. I did all kinds of things that went horribly wrong and they slowly sapped my spirit to the point where I gave in and did some slightly crap drawings. Suffice to say that this thing wasn’t meant to look quite like this. Suffice to say I’m happy with the avatar, the grass, and perhaps the little heap of stones at the start.

But that’s life, and it’s more important to make something than to agonize over each possibility. So, I give myself a pass.

As always.

20 July 2010
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