Mr. Perfection Always Misses the Beat

I’ve now toiled later into the night than I usually do trying to get my latest interactive thing working. Trying and trying. And now, ultimately, failing for the day. But it’s an “I lost the battle; I will win the war” kind of situation, so that’s alright.

It’s been interesting, because my main guidance in doing this Flash stuff has been to just work with the tools as they are and to embrace glitches and mistakes, and above all to embrace simplicity in rather than “getting it right.” But of course two little things done, I’m starting to want to get things righter and righter.

Today’s problems stem from somewhat randomly deciding I needed a hardcore collision system in my little world. This led to investigation all kinds of stuff about “bitmap collision” in Flash, and then trying to get example code working, and on and on. Until I hit the point, just now, where I of course broke utterly everything.

So, rather than having some glitchy problems, I have a steaming mess of code that doesn’t work.

On the other hand, having had this idea about how the little world will work, I can’t quite bring myself to settle for something else  – say, just having the world to traverse but no collision. No, it needs to have the collision stuff because I now feel that that’s necessary to how it will feel to play with. I could be wrong.

And of course it’s all a learning experience – I’m sure I’ll reuse this code at a later date. Such time is never truly wasted. Right?


22 July 2010
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