In the Beginning

We like watching TV and movies during dinner – it’s better that way. But this evening we had troubles. First of all we could even vaguely figure out what to watch. That’s always a problem, admittedly, but this evening it was severe.

Then we started Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing only to be overcome by Rosie Perez’s seemingly endless dance routine over the credits. Non-stop aggressive dancing, sometimes with boxing gloves on. For hours. Not what you want to eat your delicious Thai Green Curry along to. We switched it off and looked for something else.

Chose A Scanner Darkly. Good. Sci-Fi. Makes sense. Except that the opening sequence was of a guy infested and reinfested with bugs. Crawling all over him. In the shower. With the dog. Endless bugs. Also not a good choice with our meal.

We finally landed on Heist, which started off with a good, tight… heist. But by then our meals were finished and we had to pull up short. Such is the media-saturated life we live.

26 July 2010
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