Coming Home: Bioshock 2 Edition

I fired up Bioshock 2 this afternoon, less late to the party on this particular game than I usual am (released February 2010). My main feeling was one of slight trepidation about the place of narrative in the game, because the box it came in mentioned next to nothing about any kind of, you know, plot.

The game didn’t (or is that did?) disappoint. While the first game had no overt plot to begin with – you just get dumped at Rapture with no real explanation – it had the novelty and “worlding” Rapture itself to provide the aesthetic interest the player needed. Bioshock 2 dumps you in Rapture again, informing you you’re a Big Daddy in search of his Little Sister.

But this time the whole Rapture song and dance doesn’t have the same zest for me. I know about this world, and introducing a new character, Sofia Lamb, does really add up to enough. Rapture looks the same, handles the same, feels the same. So it’s not the voyage of discovery that Bioshock was – it’s a homecoming.

And sometimes you just don’t want to go home.

3 August 2010
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