On the Occasion of Your 250th Birthing Day

If I were to use some disgusting New Age language about creating things for stimulusresponse I might say that yesterday’s “ALL-CAPS COMIC #2” was, in fact, the 250th birthing from my fervent imagination – that is, I’ve made 250 things since it all began in December of 2006. I’m kind of impressed, really, and pleased that the experiment to “just make stuff and put it out there” actually works and can be sustained.

The site’s gone through a bunch of phases, but the weirdest one in some ways is that I was so immediately and irrevocably drawn to comics. I definitely read comics before I started the site, but I’d never, so far as I can recall, drawn one (barring a couple of rare cartoons like Being Blind). Yet the comic “I kissed the drummer boy” was the second thing I produced, and comics far outnumber every other kind of “response”.

Still, something about the medium (is it a medium?) sticks with me and, if anything, I worry that I don’t experiment enough with other forms anymore. My ideas, when I have them, are in comics form. I write poetry each day in order to come up with strips of a particular tone. I doodle in my notebook and transfer those doodles to the site. Comics comics comics.

Anyway, it’s a momentous day. Happy birthing day to me. Happy birthing day to me.

16 August 2010
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