Luther: “You’re Going To Fall Henry”

So having been put onto Luther by my parents, we’ve been watching that particular BBC miniseries. Simply put, it’s freakishly good and you ought to watch it. I spend rather a lot of time clasping my knees to my chest or covering my mouth with my hands in disbelief. Good signs, both.

It has that hallmark of extremely good drama (or perhaps specifically crime drama?) in that it’s not afraid in the slightest of terrible things happening, and frequently to people you’d usually assume were regarded as “off limits” for the terrible things. It has a nasty and thrilling habit of surprising you.

A good point of comparison is The Wire, which, appropriately enough, the lead of Luther, Idris Elba, plays a major part in as Stringer Bell. The Wire pulls no punches, and the ones it throws are frequently sucker punches. In fact, we were watching Once Upon a Time in the West this evening, and it, too, had that same kind of attitude – that nothing in particular was sacrosanct or to be regarded as out of bounds. Frank confronts the little boy, they consider each other, and then bang.

These indelible moments of drama that leave us breathless and shocked.

3 September 2010
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