On Recallusing My Ass (or Back In The Saddle)

You may not have noticed that I haven’t drawn a comic (or posted anything else on stimulusresponse) in slightly longer than a fortnight, but I sure as hell have. This dry spell coincides neatly with the teaching semester arriving at ITU and thus my mad scramble to create some intelligible lectures about “experimental interaction” for my students. I’d like to be the kind of person who trucks on with making stuff while also getting back into the swing of teaching, but I’m not.

Thus, it’s time to get back into the habit of drawing, coding, and all that other stuff I think I like to do. Frankly, I’ve been feeling super guilty about it for about the last week, figuring I should be able to get back to it, but nothing has emerged. Anyway, putting an end to that today by drawing a little comic based on notebook scrawls of buildings with legs talking to each other.

I’m also trying to remember the point of stimulusresponse, which is not to draw “nice comics” or something, but to experiment with different presentations of ideas – any ideas – that I have. I think I’ve lost track of that a bit in my addiction to comics and in my desperation to be as productive as possible, drawing something every day. Thus, I might ease back a tiny bit on the production schedule in favour of being a smidge more thoughtful about what I’m doing – where by “thoughtful” and mean “experimental”, I suppose.

Anyway, I’ll go and post “Did you hear about frank?” now.

19 September 2010
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