Superb Jail

On the recommendation of the ever tasteful Chad, I’ve been watching some episodes of the first season of Superjail! lately. It’s quite the show, and amazing for all sorts of reasons. It also takes me back to “the old days” when I feel like you could see more adventurous stuff like this late at night on television. Aeon Flux is another one like that.

Each episode is only around ten minutes long and starts with the guy to the left, Jackknife, getting arrested for some awful crime and taken to Superjail. The episode then revolves around some gimmick that leads to unbelievable amounts of bloodshed, carnage, and surreality. There’s a super weird cast of characters, from magical twins to a highly masculine female prison guard. It’s all totally out of hand.

Anyway, the thing I like and admire about the show is the sheer endless impulsiveness, bounded only by the relatively short length. It’s literally a “non-stop thrill-ride” in the best sense. Within its chosen genre, it’s incredibly creative and fascinating.

What most amazes me about this is the tension I see between this crazy experience of watching the show rush past your eyes pulling trick after trick and what I assume is the experience of actually producing it. How on earth do you visualise such a frenetic insanity and then proceed with the agonizingly slow process of animating it? I frequently struggle to maintain an idea’s original spark if it takes me more than about an hour to draw, and my ideas are considerably less intense than Superjail!.

So, my hat is off to them and their ability to make fast ideas slowly.

20 September 2010
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