Touched by an Angel

So just yesterday I received my ordered iPod Touch 4, my own little smart device thing – the first I’ve ever owned. It’s been an interesting and painful experience to not have one of these sorts of objects for such a long time, through the period in Canada when various friends had the early iPhone, to Rilla’s iPhone 3GS here in Copenhagen. I have quietly coveted having a small, take-everywhere device that could do the kinds of “capture” I’d like to do, while also doing internet things, game things, writing things, and more.

The major knock on the iPod is that its camera isn’t particularly magical – it shoots 720p video, but the still camera is the same resolution so by today’s standards it basically sucks. Fortunately for me, I’m a poor, poor photographer and generally could care less about the quality, and particularly the resolution, of the photos I take. I take photos for only about three reasons: to remind myself of something, to show people something (like in a blog post), or to use to draw from. The iPod’s camera is perfect for all such uses as far as I can tell so far.

Not-so-secret bonus with the iPod? It is not a phone. I have a pretty malevolent relationship with my cellphone at the best of times, so the fact that my capture/entertainment device cannot start ringing in my pocket strikes me as quite brilliant. It just does the kinds of things I want to do. Selfish, individualistic, me-me-me things.

I’m unashamedly attached to the key pieces of technology I own – I love them. I love my laptop, I love my Wacom tablet, and I think I love this new iPod. It’s created various “miraculous” feeling events in the day I’ve had it. Zooming around in the satellite view of our street on Google maps. Playing Angry Birds while listening to an audiobook on the metro. Taking a photo with the same thing I was listening to music on, fairly seamlessly. These are all good things.

Hilariously, too, when you order from the online store you get the option of having the back of the iPod engraved. Being a wordy person, at least in the textual sense, I could resist. I wracked my brains. I thought, briefly, about “How ‘Bout Them Cowboys?” because it’s football season. But I went with an all-time favourite quotation highly relevant to the consumerism the iPod represents, and also a good mantra for us all:

And this, too, shall pass away.

29 September 2010
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