Very Superstitious. Writing’s on the wall.

Well, it’s football season again. The Dallas Cowboys are trampling my heart as they are wont to do. They’ve fought their way to an impressively self-defeating 1-3 record to this point. By and large they seem to lose games by tripping over themselves in all kinds of creative ways. Damn their eyes. Their lovely, lovely, Dallas Cowboys eyes.

Anyway, football season also means my weird run-ins with superstition are on the rise again. Once again, I walk the fine line between knowing in my heart that nothing I do can make the Dallas Cowboys win (or lose), and believing fervently that there are aspects of my life of great importance to my favourite team’s outcomes.

Some of my superstitions are run of the mill “if this then that” kinds of deals. Most recently, that was “if Rilla runs a good time in the marathon, the Dallas Cowboys will beat Tennessee.” Rilla ran a great time in the marathon. The Cowboys lost. Superstition disproved? Or is it in fact that Rilla should have run only a good time and not a great one? I think we know who to blame there.

More important to my perceived influence on the Cowboys’ success is my ongoing playing of Tecmo Superbowl with updated 2010 rosters. That is, an ancient Nintendo Entertainment System NFL game with this year’s teams put into it. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s also a strong superstition magnet, since the games I play in Tecmo obviously correspond exactly to the Cowboys’ real schedule in life. Thus I’ve tended to believe that if I win in Tecmo that will have some positive influence on the actual game.

To this point, that hasn’t been working out so well for me. My Tecmo Cowboys are cruising to victory in almost every game (we’ve lost just once), while the real Cowboys have been – what’s the word? – sucking. And yet still, still a part of my heart beats to the hope that my overall success in Tecmo will reflect an overall success in the Cowboys’ season. That is, if I pull off a great video game season, the real Cowboys will turn it around and end up doing well.

I’m doing it for you, ‘Boys!

14 October 2010
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