Authorial Intent

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been ramping more and more seriously into a larger writing project than I normally engage in. My normal attitude to writing (and making anything, really) is to get it done fast and then either to bury it in the dusty archival vaults of my laptop or put it madly on the internet. This newer project is book-sized, and so requires a bit of a different attitude.

And, basically, it quite great for all sorts of reasons. Right now I’m thinking it’s great because it’s pushing me beyond my normal flightly writing and into putting together something substantive. I’ve worried about not making anything extended for a while now, though normally in the context of comics or other “artistic” pursuits. Now I’m more or less committed to writing a bigger non-fiction thing about video games that should stretch my mind more than I ordinarily stretch it. Perfect.

Further, it’s a real kick to think about “writing a book” – something I’ve contemplated many times, and even actually done (in the sense of writing sufficiently many words), but have never actually interacted with the publishing world itself and felt the potential to actually write a book and then see it turn into a reality. A physical book. I’m not completely sure how I feel about it, and I’m trying not to intimidate myself too much either with hideous pressure or with ridiculous visions of epic success. Mostly I think I feel excited.

I’m not entirely sure why I’m writing about this quite so ambiguously – I think it’s out of some superstitious “don’t jinx it” ideas, and also out of some probably misguided ideas about what I’m “supposed” to say about writing a book (for whom? about what? and when? and so on). I guess the best thing is to check in with the publisher and find out, unsurprisingly, that they don’t really give a fig about whether I write about writing the book. So I’ll check back in on this later on, probably less abstractly.

But wish me luck anyway.

20 October 2010
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