Shock of the Old

We’re watching season four of The Sopranos at the moment (for the second time – it’s every bit as good). That season comes from way back in 2002, when now was just a twinkle in then’s eye. So to speak.

There’s a scene in which Furio (the pony-tailed Italian hunk) comes into Tony’s house and mentioned to Carmela that he has pictures of a new house that he’s bought. Carmela asks to see them. Furio reaches into his pocket…

… and he pulls out one of those envelopes of actual photographs you get developed at a photo service place. And proceeds to show Carmela the pictures.

The funny and interesting thing about this sequence is that I was shocked by seeing those real, tangible photographs, literally stunned by it. As he reached into his pocket my brain was 100% doing whatever pre-processing brains do in preparation for seeing Furio pull out his iPhone or whatever device to show Carmela the photos. It was beyond my comprehension that he might pull out real photographs. That’s not how photos work, right? Photos are what we look at on the screens of our computers and mobile devices. That’s what they are.

So anyway, this seemed like a more forceful marker of “living in the future” than I usually get. Google’s Street View still sometimes gives me goose-bumps, as does GPS in general, but it’s been a while since I was shocked into realising how much my view of what’s normal has changed. It feels good to be shocked. The shock of the old, in this case.

Also, if Furio had an iPhone, what would his wall-paper be? I’m going with a garish print pattern of some kind for my bet.

22 October 2010
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