Creeper at my Doorway (a poem)


Creeper at my Doorway

Creeper at my doorway, doorway creep,
My guard is raised when night comes on;
I make sure there’s a stone wall drawn
Between you and me.

Pixelated green-head wandering ’round,
And always ripe to explode to cloud,
when you’re nearby then two’s a crowd,
that hissing sound.

But creeper, I have seen you walking lost,
And if you have seen me when I slept,
You have seen me at my most inept:
A body with no host.

That day he gave our heads a texture,
Notch made me King and you the Joker,
Your head a sad rotating scanner;
My castle almost finished? Never.


(After Robert Frost’s Tree at my Window)

11 November 2010
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