A bit on writing a bit

My life has lately taken a sharp turn toward needing to turn out quite a lot of writing, words on a virtual page. It’s almost funny to me because for quite a large number of years I positioned myself as a Writer, writing novels, short stories, and so on with great intensity and purpose. All the while making myself strangely unhappy. Then, a couple of years back I decided not to be a Writer and, as the cliche goes, just focused on writing. About anything I was interested in. All the time. And so: this blog.

Writing is hard, and more harderer when you have actual projects and deadlines you’re writing for. I know some people flourish under pressure – me, I just get compressed. So these days I’m trying to write various things for people/publications rather than my normal mode of, well, just writing things and slinging them up here and not necessarily thinking of them again. It’s different.

In fact, I can feel the gentle forces of professionalism and I don’t know quite how much I like them.

12 November 2010
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