I totally missed it when it happened, but I rolled over 500 posts on this blog a little under a week ago. The first ever post was on 1 December 2008 and it was about The Wire and how much I hated the lazy cops in it.

500 posts later I spend the lion’s share of my time writing about video games – 217 of the posts are on that particular subject, with the next most popular being television (64) and “making” (57). Over the time I’d like to think I’ve developed my perspective on writing about these things, but in fact I suspect the only real change has been writing more, and thus allowing myself a bit more breathing room to address the issues.

I’ve made very little effort to publicise the blog, and it has correspondingly few readers (hi there!), but that’s quite alright. I like the idea that it gives the odd person something to think about, maybe even a wry smile, but the blog mostly exists for disciplinary purposes – having to write something every night is a fairly excellent sharpener of the mind. At its most fundamental what I like about it is that at the end of the day I know I wrote something.

That said, of late chances have been coming up to write for a broader audience and I’m excited (and mildly intimidated) by that, too. The challenge there is to write something less “off the cuff” than the blog posts that appear here are. On this blog, at least, I literally sit down with a blank page and type until there are a few paragraphs and then hit publish – that’s the “process”. To write for other people will require something different, and here’s hoping I can pull that particular trick off.

Either way, I’ll keep writing this thing – it’s good for me, like tasty, wordy medicine.

13 November 2010
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