Network Social

Finally got around to seeing The Social Network this evening, and it was really pretty good. I’m trying to think of one thing to say about it so I can acquit myself from blogging this evening.

Okay, well obviously the portrayal of Zuckerberg was not flattering, though that was pretty intriguing, the way it was a movie without a standard-issue hero, only a series of anti-heros and people with hurt feelings. Non-standard. Clearly penned by The West Wing fellah, given the dialogue mph.

Most of all, perhaps, it was the uncomfortable unpleasantness that constantly sat over the movie, like that was its core theme. People being mean, and seemingly needlessly so. Not for any mighty reasons, not because they were out and out jerks who didn’t understand what they were doing. A purer form of meanness.

As a movie it left me feeling kind of awkward and saddened by the state of things, and with no real hope of any kind. And as a character study it was kind of blank, because I didn’t feel we ever really came to understand anyone in the picture, beyond the odd Eisenberg lip twist or tremble. As a representation of why Facebook worked, it didn’t even make much of an effort. As such, what was the movie really about?

Maybe it was a kind of modern day Lord of the Flies with Facebook as the island?

27 November 2010
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