Low QRanking Authority

I’ve recently started playing the iPhone/iPod/Facebook game QRank. It’s pretty much just a daily set of trivia questions that you answer under time pressure. Despite the basically ordinary concept involved, it’s pretty great and I’d consider myself addicted.

I guess the major appeal is that, assuming you agree to hook it up to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts, you get to see how your “friends” are doing at the game, too (if they play it). There’s something mesmerizing to me about this thing of sitting there answering questions on my svelte little iPod and then immediately being able to see how well I did in comparison to people I actually know. It’s one of those, “ah yes, living in the future” moments.

Further, you can check up on how people “nearby” are doing, as well as people in the same city, region, country, and the world. Apparently only five people play the game in Denmark, which is kind of surreal. (Hint: they’re all better at it that me.) (Hint: around 50% of the people in the world are better than me. Average. Literally.) This whole thing of “checking up” on random strangers’s success at answering trivia is amazing.

Anyway, I’m just registering the basic concept that I’m playing this thing and that it’s enjoyable. It’s perhaps every so slightly biased toward a North American audience in terms of its questions, but I think it’s fairer than I might have expected and the variety of questions is pretty neat. I’d love to tell you I’m learning something by playing it, but I don’t think I’ve learned anything except to feel anxious about my lack of knowledge.

Better go read every Wikipedia page now so I can do better tomorrow.

2 December 2010
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