The Late Lawyer

Only some brief words this evening as I kind of ran out of steam somewhere along the line. So, a comment on the TV show The Good Wife, which we caught season one of (obsessively) while we were in Rome just recently.

First of all, it’s a fun show. It’s not brilliant or anything, it’s not one of the “upper echelon” like Deadwood or The Sopranos, but it’s fun. It’s a “law procedural” or whatever. Plenty of courtroom drama and then also personal intrigue revolving around that, as it must.

If there’s one thing I took away from the show, though, it’s my continuing amazement that the main character, Alicia Florrick, seems to be late for every single meeting she ever has throughout the season. This includes both meetings at the offices of her law firm, and in the courtroom itself. It’s as if a scene would somehow not work if they couldn’t do an establishing shot of “what’s going on” in the room, followed by a pan or a cut to Alicia sneaking into the room, blatantly en retard.

It gets to a point where you’re just begging someone in the show to acknowledge the endless tardiness, but no one ever does. Lesser law firms would, I am sure have fired her ass after the first handful of times. At the very least there could be a reprimand? But no, people just sit around blithely and treat it like the most ordinary thing in the world. Whole rooms of 20 or so people just “take it”.

And that’s really the strangest mystery of the show, ultimately. Not the questions about FBI investigations or office love affairs, but the question of why in the show’s universe someone can be always, always late, always be “slipping in” to the meetings and hearings and yet have nobody notice it.

Actually, the really deep mystery: what was she doing to make her late?

17 January 2011
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