Hamlet and Icecream

At this point I can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned my little photoblog called Hamlet and Icecream before on this blog. I mention it now because I’m heading toward the bad end of one of its inevitable cycles and I grow weary and slightly saddened by it.

Basically, I started the blog when we moved to Denmark (almost literally dating from our first day here) with the objective of posting an “interesting” photo each day and giving it a brief caption. Kind of like an achingly slow slideshow of someone’s holiday photos. Except for it’s their daily life. This was after doing something similar when we lived in Canada called “rizzlenice”, since discontinued.

Anyway, the idea of a daily photo works pretty well when you first move to a new country – it’s like being in a foreign country! Ha! So most things you see are novel and weird. The hand-baskets in the supermarkets have wheels. The squirrels have mohawks. The parks are beautiful. And so on. But it will shock you to learn that this wears off. After living in Denmark for a year and a bit, I don’t actually see as many things to take photos of as you might imagine.

A big contributing factor here is that I admit to spending more or less all my time either at home, at university, or at the local supermarket. Seriously. So, while I’ve managed to take a pretty respectable number of photos at Føtex, that well is running dry. Given that a major component of the project was to “always be seeing the world in an interesting way”, this saddens me. Turns out that I can’t quite manage to force myself to see the wonders (whether poignant, gorgeous, or hilarious) surrounding me.

So these days the real story is that when we go on a trip (like to Rome recently), I take a shitload of photos and then desperately hope against hope that they’ll last me until our next trip. When they don’t and begin to peter out (as will be happening to me again soon), I begin to look at the world around me with increasing desperation each day, thinking “what the hell am I going to take a photograph of?!” It’s actually a pretty interesting way to relate to the world.

It’d even be enjoyable if it wasn’t so stressful and unenjoyable.

26 January 2011
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