Nothing, Forming

Because I seem to just be an empty husk of nothing at all to say this evening, allow me to just point toward somebody who’s definitely got something, Jesse Moynihan. In particular, he’s got one of the best comics on the web, Forming. You can start reading it from page one here. It’s one of the more absurd and complicated things I’ve seen, but it somehow holds its form (ha ha) and manages to walk the line in a beautiful way.

The comic’s been running for a long while now, bit over two years, and there’s pages and pages of it for you to catch up on. Don’t blame me if you end up reading it for hours and don’t get much else done for a bit. Also, be aware that when you catch up and only get it once a weekish you will almost certainly totally lose the plot and forget everything that happened, necessitating re-reading everything, like I am at the moment.

You’re welcome.

17 February 2011
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