There’s some bad, bad stuff happening back home in New Zealand. In Christchurch, to be specific, where they’ve been hit by another bad earthquake, this one much more devastating because it struck during the day and was also closer to the central city (both in terms of distance and depth). I’ve been watching the news and reading about it throughout the day.

From my own perspective, the crisis has surprised me by how affecting I’ve found it. Generally speaking, I feel quite blank about these sorts of events, wherever they happen, beyond a kind of amazement at the things that happen in the world. But watching video today of Christchurch in ruins, New Zealanders running around on the streets trying to help each other, dead people hidden under blankets really got to me.

I don’t have anything useful to say about any of it, of course, not even anything perceptive. It’s just an awful thing and a classic example of just how random existence truly can be. It makes me miss New Zealand a lot and wish I was back home, so that I could wring my hands in Wellington instead, I suppose.

22 February 2011
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