Checking Out the Human Condition

I’m pretty sure it’s an established fact that we all take deep pleasure in looking at other people’s groceries at the supermarket. There are few things more rewarding than watching someone else’s items as they parade down the conveyor belt. After all, they tell a story about that person and so on, they simultaneously seem to be highly revealing and completely mystifying.

Today, for instance, I had one a great grocery moment at the local Føtex that reminded me of how right and good it is to ogle other people’s purchases. Two big teenage boys were in front of me in the queue, talking loudly to each other, kind of taking up more space than was entirely necessary. So I check out their groceries, as you do. What would two such fine fellows be buying today?

A six-pack of toilet paper and a box of budget icecreams.

I’m pretty sure that couldn’t have been better, and the cashier looked at me a bit askance and I smiled broadly as she checked the items through. For their part, the boys didn’t even both with a bag. Toilet paper under one arm, icecreams under the other, they marched off to whatever life it was that needed those items that day. The human condition, for a few kroner.

The upshot of this is that there quite clearly needs to be a blog or some other showcase of some of the excellent groceries spotting people do. Rather have photos of the actual purchases of other people, I’d particularly like the blog to have “dramatic recreations” of them. To do that, of course, you’d have to take note of the set of items and then go back into the supermarket, pull the items of the shelves, and then find a nice place to photograph them.

Quite a bit of work. But what worthy work!


23 March 2011
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