Cruelty, Manipulation, Gamelessness.

One weird thing that’s been happening in my life for the last week or so is that I haven’t been playing any games. Beyond the odd round of Sudoku (and my daily QRANK), I haven’t been gaming whatsoever since finishing Prototype. Not that Prototype is to blame or anything, it’s just the way it panned out with other projects taking precedence – particularly working on GuruQuest.

I think prior to this dry spell I might have had the expectation that not playing games for a while would feel really good and liberating, but the opposite has been true. I miss playing video games very deeply, not in terms of killing time or whatever, but as one of the experiences in day to day life that I genuinely value.

However, I feel like I’m out of the habit now, so I need to get back into the practice of actually playing games, oddly enough. Fortunately, today I had the chance to play a couple of really cool games by colleagues at ITU. One was a very cool audio game by Miguel Sicart which I’m not sure I’m at liberty to describe, and so will not. The other was by Doug Wilson (of the Copenhagen Game Collective) and is the game that won the Nordic Game Jam – Johann Sebastian Joust! It was really great to play the game and bring back to mind why games can be so rewarding – though both Doug and Miguel’s games aren’t quite like your average game, unsurprisingly.

Anyway, I think their games gave me a good injection of gamerness, made me a bit more gamey, and so on. The plan to is to return to playing Deadly Premonition, which I ditched out of anger with its Resident Evil style repetitive combat after it had teased me with a pleasingly surreal opening. I’ll get back in there and crack some zombie heads until I get what I want out of it. Also picked up Tiny Wings after being unable to resist the waves of adulation on every street corner, so looking forward to that.

Also, needless to say, looking forward to being able to write about games again. It’s been a while and I’ll need to scrape some rust off my brain, but I’ll get there, no doubt.

25 March 2011
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