Finishing Touches

I’ve spent a fair bit of today working on GuruQuest despite the irritatingly persistent cold I’m still battling with. The cold has prevented me from doing terribly well with one or two more “mathematical” issues, but by and large I’ve made quite a bit of progress toward the goal of finishing my first “game”.

At this point, it’s heading toward “feature complete” for the reasonably small set of features I’ve wanted it to have. Specifically, you start off in your little house (visible in the screenshot), you leave home to go and consult the guru, you talk to him. At that point you can either leave (because he solved all your problems, say, or none) and go home – or you can try to “outguru” the guru. If you outguru him, then you replace the guru and the game ends. If you go home, the game also ends. So those are your two end states. Throughout, charming, home-spun ukulele music plays.

All of that is implemented now, and most of what remains is more on the interface end – trying to make the game playable for someone who might encounter it without me breathing down their neck and muttering about what it all means. There are a few more of those things to do, essentially little tutorial elements, but also a return to working on the guru script. After that’s all good enough, hopefully in a few days, I’ll have to test it with some people, and then perhaps release GuruQuest into the wild, whatever that may mean.

It’s come a long way since I began roughly a month ago, give or take. It’s also really interesting just to try and finish a game project like this. I haven’t worked on something so substantial for a long time, and the overall process has actually been very rewarding. Definitely learned quite a bit about producing a game-like thing and, maybe most important, about the complexities and endless details of really finishing a game. It many ways it’s been the antithesis to how I ordinarily go about making something – I’d usually just dash off a comic or poem or whatever without giving it much thought at all… straight from brain to page. That doesn’t work at all with a game, needless to say.

Anyway, here’s to the guru and his eventual release into the world where he will inevitable solve everyone’s problems. Even yours. Even mine.

9 April 2011
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