GuruQuest hits pre-Alpha (or something else official-sounding)

So GuruQuest passed the all-important “I can send it to someone and ask them to play” milestone today. I finally bolted on enough interface stuff and hacked away at the script enough that it’s a playable game. Immediately after sending it to a chosen couple of people I felt super depressed about the entire enterprise, as is only right when “finishing” something like this.

The whole process has been so much longer than I’m used to that it’s amazing to me I persevered. If nothing else, I feel it bodes well for future game-making endeavours. I’m planning on writing some form of post-mortem later in the week, but for now thought I’d just post some chronological screens from the game to at least indicate its aesthetic development.

(They’re clickable and the larger, most recent, one at the bottom is way too big for this blog’s structure. But c’est la vie.)

14 April 2011
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