Video Venezia

Landed in Venice this afternoon and have been settling into the surreality. The whole Europe thing is still really quite shocking some days – Copenhagen one moment, Canal Madness the next. Perhaps the oddest thing about Venice, though, is the familiarity that comes from playing Assassin’s Creed 2.

While I haven’t spent much time at all in Venice “normally”, I spent a lot of time there as Ezio. When we wandered into Piazza San Marco and particularly when we looked at the Doge’s Palace I was struck by memories of walking through the space. I thought to myself “I walked around that corner because the guards were getting suspicious and I was trying to infiltrate the area. Later I climbed up the back of the cathedral…”

Although it wasn’t a “complete” experience, I was definitely impressed by how much the game had left me feeling I had genuinely been in that space – after all the two spaces are extremely similar. Especially, well, spatially. Concepts like “around that corner” make complete sense in both contexts, real and virtual, and mean the same basic things.

So anyway, I’ll just be over hear, living in a video game. The blog may or may not be on some kind of hiatus over the next days, pending me being motivated enough to maintain blogging momentum while away from my kitchen table.

28 May 2011
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