MVC Eraser

One of the really substantial “contemporary” things that I lost when my drive (and backup) died the other day was all my code for MVC Racer, the game I was working on at the time. It was fairly advanced in terms of how much effort I’d used on the MVC structure, getting different input modes to work, and the basic model of cars racing around a track etc.

And yet, the files being erased feel like an odd little kiss on the brow from the universe. Frankly, I was so sick of working on that game. It’s definitely a cool idea and all, but for whatever reason it was killing me. Scale-wise it was just a little too big for my preferred creative setting of “impulsive”. It was taking too long, and so much of the work was on detailed stuff I stopped caring about after the first hour or so.

Now I don’t have to work on it, because it doesn’t exist anymore. Instead, the plan is to leapfrog that game idea for the moment (though I’ll return to the MVC concept generally) and instead work on some of the more fun and simple things I’ve been wanting to make. Ideally I’d like to make a few games that only take two weeks tops to finish, and I have a couple in mind, so hopefully that’ll work.

This is all part of my objective of making ten games before I genuinely start taking it particularly seriously and try to make something “good” instead of spur-of-the-moment.

One other sadness of the crash was the loss of the source code for GuruQuest, actually. But, again, it’s hard not to see it as a rather appropriate event. GuruQuest is all about deciphering the machine’s behaviour and trying to replicate it (on one view), and now no one can see the inner workings, not even me. It’s forced to stand on its own and never be able to change. The absoluteness of that, and the untethering of the game from its source is actually quite pleasingly powerful.

Not that I’m recommending losing all your data in a horrendous crash, but it can be kind of interesting.

15 June 2011
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