or, Smite Club

Not having played any of L. A. Noire today, I thought I might as well mention that I’m progressing through a new game I’ve been making. After the Great Data Loss of 2011 wiped out pretty much everything I had, I’ve decided to use those unfortunate events as the impetus to work on something new.

Basically, I’ve been interested in returning to working with Flash for a while, since it remains the lingua franca of online games. However, I’m very over the regular Flash IDE, so I wanted to investigate the world of coding ActionScript 3 without the usual idea – and that means, in my instance, using FlashBuilder instead – the programmer’s Flash, if you like. I’m also using this opportunity to learn some stuff about Flixel, a framework for making games which has various nice features (most of which I’m either not using, or just using awfully).

So, I’m back to coding again, and that’s keeping me happy on the “making” front. The game is called Let There Be Smite and it’s a kind of dumb joke take on religion and god-games. Basically, it equates being god to having the world’s most awful desk job. It’s not fun, per se, but hopefully amusing enough to spark some kind of brief puff of air that might have been a laugh from its players.

Even though it’s insanely simple, it’s taking me a while to put it together (five days now), but I’m aiming to be finished by the end of the week, all going well. Which it won’t, so let’s say the end of next week. This is all part of my scheme to make numerous “the simplest conceivable game” games in an effort to build a better understanding of some of the basics of what I can pull off on my own.

Anyway, I guess I wrote this more to remind myself I am actually doing something more than anything else. Sorry!

22 June 2011
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